Jyl’s workshops provide beginning through advanced writers with a safe environment to find or explore their unique voices. Small groups of four to six  assure participants a high level of personal attention. Jyl also offers private coaching to writers of all levels.

  • Memoir
  • Short Stories
  • Playwriting
  • The Nonfiction Essay

 “Jyl’s workshop gave me a solid foundation from which to continue writing and the critical inner-voice with which to evaluate what I’ve written. Jyl is incredibly perceptive and asks questions that lead to strong re-writes. Always positive with her criticism, I left each class thinking and energized.” —Emily Sper

I just wanted to thank you once again for your class. It is by far the most intensive and valuable class I have ever taken and a standard to which I will compare future classes. You are a gifted person and I feel that everyone should have the opportunity to study under you. Relating to my final project, your class helped me move through a rather difficult period in my life, which I cannot begin to thank you for. 

″I think that I share the classes view when I say that you are truly a great teacher and your ability to get kids inspired to learn should be revered in our society. To even group you or refer to you as a professor is blasphemy seeing as all the so-called ‘professors’ whom I have come in contact with do not even compare. Thank you very much for the experience. I hope to keep in contact with you in the years to come.
—Spenser Gralla

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